Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Silver Chef Investment Information

Investor Fact Sheet

Company Name:Silver Chef Group

Business Description:
Silver Chef limited (ASX:SIV) delivers equipment funding solutions that help small businesses reach their full potential.

Head Office:
Park Tower - 20 Pidgeon Close,
West End Qld 4101

Shares on Issue:

Market Listings:Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:SIV)

Board of Directors:
Allan English - Non-executive Chairman
Karen Penrose - Deputy Chairman
Andrew Kemp - Non-executive Director
Bede King - Non-executive Director
Sophie Mitchell - Non-executive Director

Chief Executive Officer:
Charles Gregory

Chief Financial Officer:
David Wilson

Company Secretary:
Don Mackenzie

Shareholder Services:
Boardroom Pty Limited
GPO Box 3993
Sydney NSW 2001
Level 7, 207 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 1300 737 760 (within Australia)
Tel: +61 2 9290 9600 (outside Australia)
Fax: +61 2 9279 0664


Investor Contact Information
Silver Chef Limited Corporate Head Office
Park Tower
20 Pidgeon Close
West End, QLD 4101
Postal Address
PO Box 1760
Milton BC, QLD 4064
Tel: +61 7 3335 3300

Corporate Profile Video - Silver Chef <-------- CLICK THIS LINK 


  1. Well done Breanna. Your blog looks great.

  2. Hi Breanna,

    Your blog is fantastic!
    Not sure if you have checked out the Invest Smart Website for Silver Chef.
    The link is below. It gives some great information on financials of the company.

    I notice that your company is quite profitable and has been building profit year on year. My company Redhill Education however has seen better days!

    I have a question that you may be able to help me with?
    On the invest smart website under the company profile tab there is a section called current price data. Redhill Education currently sits at $0.840 where as Silver chef is at $5.510. Are these figures what the company is making on the stock market?

    Thanks Breanna, Speak soon,

    Jami-Lee Carpenter

    PS feel free to take look at my blog and ask any questions that come to mind.